E-Blocks. Present in more than 40 countries.

E-Blocks is the result of the solid experience of Positivo in tested and approved educational solutions. With partners and distributors in all 6 continents, the exports department takes E-Blocks created and patented by Positivo informática to public and private schools all over the world.

E- Blocks is one of the extraordinary educational solutions developed by Positivo Informática, one of the leaders in the educational technology field. E-Blocks is a successful outcome of Positivo experience in tested and approved educational solutions.

Students from more than 40 countries use E-Blocks English, E-Blocks Espanhol, E-Blocks Alfabeto and E-Blocks Math. In addition to the commercial support, international distributors can count on educational training and workshops for their teams.

About 14,000 Brazilian schools and over 40 countries benefit from E-Blocks Alfabeto, E-Blocks English, E-Blocks Math and E-Blocks Español.

E-Blocks brings students’ interaction with the software to a new dimension. Students use the sensorial panel connected to a classroom computer to respond to the stimuli and questions presented by our multi-level software. Exciting pictures, songs, animations and games stimulate collaboration and make learning meaningful, successful and a concrete social experience.

Hands-on Learning:

E-Blocks makes learning fun and meaningful through its palm-sized blocks. The blocks strengthen students’ fine motor skills and provide kinesthetic feedback that reinforces a concrete learning experience.

Collaborative Learning:

Our sensory panel was designed to accommodate up to six students working together to solve challenges presented by the software. E-Blocks provides opportunities for each child to work within a group regardless the knowledge acquired by each student. Each student has a responsibility that supports their teamwork and their learning.

Intellectual Stimulation through Multiple Activities:

E-Blocks software activities strengthen students’ reasoning through problem solving situations. The software also allows students to learn and confirm their own skills across a broad range of activities, all of which use the same sensory panel and blocks.

Multi-sensory Learning for all students:

E-Blocks allows for multiple attempts providing only positive reinforcement, repetition and the collaborative learning every child needs.

Resources for Teachers:

Our software enables teachers to modify and/or create their own activities by adding their own images, sounds and contents to individualize students’ learning.

Teacher Management System:

Blocks keeps track of students’ performance, reports on students’ strengths and identifies the areas where students need reinforcement.

Immediate Feedback:

Students are given immediate and engaging multimedia feedback that embraces multiple learning styles.


E-Blocks has been awarded and nominated for multiple national and international awards. In 2005, E-Blocks received the prestigious WSA Award from the United Nations for the Best E-learning Solution. In 2006, E-Blocks gained further recognition by winning four awards: The BESSIE Award for Early Elementary EFL Solutions and The EDDIE Award, for Best Software in Early Elementary; and two awards from the Association of Education Publishers (AEP): The Golden Lamp, and The Distinguished Achievement Award.

E-Blocks Math was one of the five finalists in the 2008 CODIE Awards in two important categories: “Best Instructional Solutions for Special Needs Students” and “Best Mathematics Instructional Solution”. In 2008, E-Blocks was honored with the most recognized international prize in the education sector: The Worlddidac Award.



By placing the colored blocks on the touch-sensitive panel, the students learn to recognize letters, build words, associate each word with its meaning, read, write, interpret texts and much more. The E-Blocks Alfabeto is an innovative technological resource designed to help children, youngsters, adults and special needs students acquire written language using animation, videos and sound resources to create a stimulating, interactive environment.



E-Blocks English is an innovative multi-award winning learning system that benefits students from Pre K through 5th grade including special education. E-Blocks English was built on sound pedagogical research. It introduces children to the world of phonics, reading and writing through 5 levels that promote letter-sound training (phonemic awareness), sight word practice, initial reading mechanisms, reading skills, sentence structure awareness, and extended listening practice.

E-Blocks English is comprised of 5 levels of software, audio CDs, Companion Books, Teacher’s Guides, Activity Summaries, Flashcards and all the necessary blocks for the level of your choice.



E-Blocks Math links abstract concepts and concrete materials to achieve coherent and intuitive learning in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). Children in Pre-school work through contents such as spatial notion, location, classifying, geometric objects, sizes, shapes and forms, dimensions, identification of numbers, mathematical operations for adding and subtracting, sequential patterns, logical instructions and problem solving.



E-Blocks Español was developed based on our features and multi-award winning approach, focused on the collaborative and hands-on concept to children aged between 4 and 10 years old. E-Blocks Español consolidates reading and writing skills of Hispanic culture by means of fun and meaningful activities, interactive games, fables, proverbs, sayings, tongue twisters, animations and videos.


Learn more about the wide range of E-Blocks activities for collaborative and stimulating work in the classroom.

E-Blocks English activity to build student vocabulary and learn popular sayings by associating geometrical shapes.

Characters of the ‘’Storyteller’’ section, one of the multiple activities available in E-Blocks English.

Virtual environment called “Cinema” in E-Blocks English, where students can select an interactive activity to boost their imagination and use creative writing to create new stories.

In this activity called ‘’The Crop’’, students are prompted to create their own story with the help of images and animation, transforming learning into a fun, stimulating activity.

“Story Book’ is a E-Blocks English tool with a wide variety of stories to support English language studies, encourage collaborative work and provide a meaningful learning experience for students.

Students can use the easy-to-interpret images to choose a character that represents the light/heavier object.

In this E-Blocks Math activity, the main characters of the software introduce students to an equation.

Students work with mathematical equations in a fun logic game with ‘The Explorer’, the leading character of E-Blocks Math.

Description: A fun, stimulating activity that introduces students to subtraction.

A stimulating activity to learn number sequences using blocks and teamwork.

The aim of this activity is to identify which objects have the same utility by associating the representative characters, colors and shapes.

Example of an E-Blocks English activity for associating images and indentifying words to create a tongue twister in English.


The students of the Aguascalientes schools in Mexico are using all the resources of E-Blocks English. Watch now! (Video in Spanish)