The educational solution
that turns children into inventors.

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technologies and the challenges of
4.0 Education

The Digital Era has brought new features and challenges to education. In this scenario the teacher became a true mentor, guiding students to learn through problem solving and real situations. INVENTURA helps prepare students to understand a changing world by using the programming language as a starting point.

essential skills
in 4.0 Education

  • 1

    and collaboration

  • 2

    Initiative and

  • 3

    and analytical thinking

  • 4

    Curiosity and

  • 5

    Domain of

complete solution for your student to learn by doing.

INVENTURA is an educational solution designed to transform children into inventors, making programming learning an easy, immersive and stimulating experience. It has different volumes for elementary students.

can be easy
and fun.

When you introduce the INVENTURA to your school, you will have:

  • Books with 24 activities each

  • BBC micro:bit*

  • Online environment for students to practice programming

  • Online environment for teachers

* with USB cable, battery holder and 2 AAA batteries

Pillars of theInventura

Structure of the

Through the different levels, the students have an experience of continuous growth, resulting in a great accumulation of learning through various activities.

The BBC micro:bit results in practice

The BBC micro:bit was created and implemented in England, having 1 million units distributed in the UK. The tool already shows expressive results with these students:

  • 90%

    said the tool showed that anyone can program

  • 86%

    said that computer science got more interesting

  • 16%

    increase in the interest of girls in programming

Click here and check how easy it is to program

See an INVENTURA lesson template that your school can apply to your students.


In practice

Watch the video and stay on top of everything the Education 4.0 Inventure program offers to students at your school!

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